Hello dear "Riot". I wanna thank you (irony :)) for doing veigar mechanics trash. Sadly i have a skin because for me now veigar is dead wich mean money wasted. (E) skill is so useless now even minions run from it. its like raising a flag to enemy "hey watch out im using the cage"... enemy can dance and leave the cage before it gets on A little advice riot, if u wanna nerf a champion its ok. If u wanna create new champions its ok. If u want to change a champion mechanics? realy? Why not delete it? Does this mean u will destroy more champions? The moment i posted this was the moment that i decided to stop buying new skins. I dont want any other favorite champion destroyed and money wasted :) no more money from here. If a lot of people keeps crying about teemo will u change mushroom mechanics too? make them visible? maybe will still work i mean maybe someone goes there to eat them ? :D again... thanks riot. Next time just delete the champion. why nerf a champion when u can always change it so the people that love to play with him sometimes and wasted money on a skin just to see it destroyed. Nerfing a champion always worked out. But looks like now u prefer to make sure we hate the champion so much we dont even want to use it anymore. My wallet thank you for that decision. ---- RIP --- GOODBYE VEIGAR. THANK YOU FOR ALL THE FUN U GAVE ME. I WILL MISS YOU {{champion:45}}

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