Championship Riven 2016 skin

I feel like since the Skin was released for everyone people are very toxic in games if you use the championship riven skin and it doesn't matter if you had it since it was first released. Before you used to be acknowledged if you had it now people just spam "refund it" or "fk you riven, garbage skinhyper" - stuff like that and it doesn't even matter if you are performing well or badly. The Original skin that we got is just worth nothing at this point, you, riot crew, didn't have to bother about adding a crown, the particles or the border because who sees those anyways? When the news were announced i wasn't even mad, the skin got updated and it looke really good now and i love it but honestly i don't feel like using that skin now because of the hatred we get for having that skin, no matter if OG or not. And please don't think that i am disappointed in the rioters that thought it was a good idea to bring that skin back, i am disappointed and mildly disgusted by the LOL community.
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