The true problem with League of Legends (spoiler its not the balance)

So most of you probably expect the whiny bronze kiddy complaining about the 15/0/3 {{champion:157}} that solocarried the enemy team or about the 0/15/0 {{champion:157}} that solocarried the enemy team. (works in both directions) And to be honest, i was that guy. Like really _that guy_. I was complaining about everything. But at one point i realized the actual problem with league. There are no OP champions. Every chamion has a weakness. And the balance is not as far off as i used to believe. You can learn how to beat every champion. The question is: is it fun? I was so happy when i finally figured out how to beat {{champion:99}} with {{champion:13}}. I finally understood how to play against her. And it was fun. But when i have to face {{champion:105}} where getting hit by a single spell with a really hard to determine hitbox means unavoidable death, then thats not fun. Many champions in League have are very frustrating to play against because they have mechanics that require you to play in a way that eliminates all the fun of the game. It is not fun having to hug your tower because as soon as you get to close {{champion:84}} ults on you and will be glued to your face till one of you is dead. It is not fun if i cant even approach the lane because 3 {{champion:74}} turrets control the entire lane. It is not fun having to watch every single step because from one moment to the other a {{champion:17}} shroom eliminates 3/4 of your healthbar. It is not fun if you have to stay within 2 feet your tower or an assasin will jump out of nowhere and delete you in 0.9 seconds. Yes you can do all these things and probably win. But if that is what you have to do to play the game, why even play in the first place? I play to have fun. I have to do enough things i don´t like IRL, I come here to relax and have a good time. But i just cant, because in the end i only have three choices: -Play in a fun way get stomped and frustrated and lose -Throw all fun overboard sit there praying it will soon be over and feel relief when the screen finall reads victory and i know the torture is over -quit Am I the only one feeling like this? or do you agree? I´d like to hear your opinions. sincerly -a bronze scrub
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