Before you freak out about Aphelios, read this...

Summary of the lore: Aphelios and his sister are ascended Lunari. Sister is the spiritual side of their religion while Aphelios is the embodiment of it. Aphelios can drink a thing to make him so high he loses the ability to speak. Summary of abilities: - He have 5 weapons, which he cycles through once he runs out of ammo, which is consumed while basic attacking - He has an "main hand" weapon, which applies the effect of his Q and R (he does not have E), and an "off hand" (W = switch to off-hand, which means he can switch between two weapons at the time). The off-hand applies the power of the weapon to the main hands Q - Gets W instantly - Gets Q with lvl2 - Gets one point to R every 6 level (gets first point at lvl6) - Upgrades stats instead of abilities: ×Attack Damage ×Attack Speed ×Armor penetration - His abilities refresh as he changes weapon, so one can Q>W>Q, or Q>(last ammo) auto>Q In-game: probably we won't see insane mechanics, the champion requires lot of planning simply (which one may or may not call mechanics) Counter-gameplay: while he has good sustained DPS, utility and range, he is immobile and squishy, so I recommend *mobile burst champions* (who are not squishy enough to die to a single CC) against Aphelios!
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