When is Slayer Jinx going to be released on EU Nordic & East server?

Slayer Jinx Skin Spotlight - League of Legends
League of Legends Slayer Jinx Skin Spotlight. Shows off Animations and Ability Effects of Jinx on their Slayer Skin in this Spotlight. All footage was taken in game. This Video is a full spotlight and therefore is in 60fps when played back in supported browsers.
When will be Slayer Jinx skin available on EU Nordic & East server? I've seen these three skins on EU Nordic & East server: Slayer Pantheon, Slayer Jinx and Zombie Nunu, Halloween skins, of course, but they are not available yet. When will they be released? Just asking... It is almost Halloween and they haven't been released yet. Will they be released on Halloween day? I just love Jinx and I know how to play her, I love her Halloween skin too. That's why I got curious about when it'll be available. If you know the answer, please, tell me. {{champion:222}}

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