Ahri Build

With the current meta I've noticed tanks becoming more and more popular, I have games where the majority of the enemy team get really tanky and it takes very long to kill any of them, that is, if you can kill them. My typical Ahri build paths: {{item:3285}} + {{item:3165}} + {{item:3089}} ...     OR {{item:3285}} +{{item:3165}} + {{item:3157}} ... If your team is weak, you can't flank the enemy backline and leave your team alone as you may kill one of their carries, but your team will get annihilated. Therefore, you are forced to face the enemy frontline, waste your summoners and drain your abilities before even getting their hp down by half. Are there any AP items that deal damage based on HP? I mean how the hell do you kill a 5000 hp Nasus, Amumu, Voli etc.
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