Star Guardian Xayah's color scheme is odd

So the skin is on PBE now and I have some questions.. First of all I'm confused with the color choice for this skin, especially the uncorrupted form of it. So we've seen in the trailer that the star gems of fallen guardians are yellow, green and blue. While we can tell that Rakan is probably the green one and Neeko is the yellow one, Xayah's outfit kinda doesn't make sense color-wise? Like, why pink and mint? Previous guardians had their own color schemes responding to their star gems, they are basically defined by those colors (the leaders are pink, supports/healers are green) and then there's Xayah.. I just think it doesn't really look like a typical star guardian in her "pure" form and these colors look weird. The other thing that kinda bothers me is how the splash art and in-game model don't quite look the same. Her hair on splash is darker, in color of magenta, while in game there's suddenly this hot pink and purple?? And some details on her outfit that are dark purple in splash art are black on the model, why? Why not keep any consistency with the color choices? Don't get me wrong I absolutely love this skin and I'm going to get it, I was just wondering about this lack of consistency with the skin line and with splash art and model. I just think these colors (uncorrupted form) don't express Xayah's style too well, not like the other SG skins do. That's a long rant, sorry, but I just had to ask about it and i was curious if anyone feels the same. Have a nice day :)
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