Please, for the love of God Riot, get rid of this dirty foreign tactic!

Get rid of the 4v2 Botlane Tower Dive because it makes games impossibly unfun to play. People who use such a dirty tactic are just showing their true colors as scum that don't give a crap about how healthy the game is and only care about winning. Please, for the love of god, get rid of this Riot. Stop letting these assholes use this tactic constantly or give some reasonable defense against it because I am SICK of being a solo player and unable to save my ADC from a 4v2 gank under tower with %%%%ing divers like {{champion:120}}, {{champion:39}} or {{champion:5}}. Who get to dive under tower at NO RISK TO THEMSELVES. And then having them snowball off the frankly %%%%%%ed idea to give first blood turret gold and make bot turret weaker. Are you COMPLETELY STUPID!? Putting the weakest tower in the LANE THAT NEEDS TO SCALE THE MOST! Just NERF divers so they can't do this shit because its RUINING the games. What is the point of winning lane. You might as well just sit there and wait for 4 members of their team to come down rather then playing. If you are not going to punish the foreign bastards for doing this, then at least change the %%%%ing game so they can't do it anymore. I grow tired of asking nicely, this is making the game so boring and so stale. But no, feel free to do shit-stupid things like giving {{champion:119}} buffs that he never needed... By all means, while A LOT of your playerbase leaves over this bullshit.
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