Players never listen to the carrys..

I lost soo many free games and when i say free game they were really free games more easy then bots..Problem is they never listen..I carry many games even as support and when i say in chat:guys take inhib mid then fall back get baron...I said that cuz its free..They dont listen.. they keep pushing..And they died ofc you cant dive 2 towers of nexus.. so easily.. Another game:guys plz ward that bush and push mid kata is bot..Nothing happens..midlane just go in jungler to farm.. To say more happened one fucking so free game i told them:guys cmon push that bot togheter and ofc like always this gold plat players are all chalengers you know..Riven goes 1v5 is too pro... If i talk too mutch i probably gonna get chat restricted but i didnt flame or something just tell them what to do..Im carryng you for god sake listen to me..No one cares and in to the end GG we lost free game..Im tired of this shit.I dont care that you suck balls(sorry but i must say it i must throw evrything out) nd i dont care that you feed just listen to me and win the game..No one gives afuck..Why people say team game-..Team game my ass evryone for himself.. How the fuck i make this people listen..I just cant..I must quit my main support just to get a carry role to carry easier and thats life..Wtf is rito thinking about teamgame if this naabs all chalengers bots play all for themself..How i change that????{{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}} Sorry my english not my main.

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