Bot lane discussion: Low elo duo farm

Case 1) I am playing support (gold 4 right now, was silver for long time) and many games I play mage supports {{champion:143}} {{champion:518}}. I often find myself behind, not only in level (duo lane or roaming or warding) but also in gold. Support items generate enough gold for supportive items and not ap items (disadvantage of playing mage supports). Case 2) Many games ADC players don't farm well and from my experience, players in and around silver have low cs score (say 5-6 cs/min). Are these two even related? **Yes**. While I do some damage and give lot of Crowd control+vision +{{item:2055}} (maybe bit less) , it simply isn't enough. One reason is that my build or skill order is wrong (which I need to fix) and other reason is because I don't get items as fast as others. **Why is this a problem?** One of the reasons I struggled to become AP carry or second midlaner is not having gold even when I am or adc+supp duo was ahead. This lead to some fights, where opponent solo laners engage 1v2 , get a kill and run away with low hp(like 5%-10% hp on average). Even after good full combo, the damage isn't enough because I am short on AP and am not playing {{champion:45}} who can just increase AP with his passive. I take some cs in lane, which the ADC players are missing and have like 15-20 cs by 10 minutes, but if I am always starting with {{item:3301}} item I think I can even get to 30-35 cs because that much cs ADC misses and with {{item:3310}} I can't cs continuously. Most of the low level and low elo adc players blindly think that support should not cs or support don't need gold and flame/troll/afk even if I am taking the cs they're missing anyway. On top of not farming, they literally soft int every game. They fail to understand simply things like more gold "for" the team is always good "for" the team. I simply can't make these players understand this simple logic and idk why they blindly hang on to "support shouldn't cs" even when support is carrying bot lane (atleast majority of the games I played, adc was bad) and trying to be maximize the gold obtained. I am not a k/d/a player and try to do my best always with whatever skill and knowledge I have. I had a game where I had {{champion:80}} adc with {{item:3302}} and I was playing {{champion:111}} (normal game in different server) , with the extra gold I got it was simply better. While a {{item:3302}} start is bad for marksmen, the only alternative I find is the duo farm bot lane to get more gold as support. tldr: What is your view on duo farm bot lane for low elo? Iirc first 10 minutes, total minion count is like 105 (or nearby) with ADC players getting like 50-60 cs and isn't it better to get more gold than letting it go to waste? This will (maybe) attract other laners to play support and be able to have better impact on the role.
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