Suggestion to improve tft as a competitive game and reduce the luck factor

Teamfight tactics is a really good game mode. and after a few games and reading about it online, I managed to learn how to manage gold and create compositions. but there is one factor over which the player has way too little control : items luck. As far as I have seen in my games, items have a random chance of drop, and a randomizer on the item you get. Problem is, in late game, a player with the same composition as you and with the same character level will trounce you if they had lots of items, and the correct kind, meaning mainly attack oriented items and you only had a few defensive items. Without control on item drops, the game turns into a big gamble coming into late game, and in a ranked match where the main focus is tactics, no one wants to lose just because of luck and not, in this case, strategy skill. (champions shop is also somewhat based on luck if you are dead set on a comp, but much more manageable, and the point of this part is to be able to remain flexible and think, so I will count it as a non luck feature) There would be two ways to balance it out. the first thing to do would be to buff defensive items, but would require a lot more balancing as the game mode evolves. The second would be to introduce a fixed item drop, meaning everyone would drop the same number of items in environment fights, and add to that an exchange system. This system would provide some due control over items on a certain extent. This exchange system could take a few forms, but would always remain placed under the control of the main soft currency of the game mode : gold. First form : players would all have an item shop like the champion shop, the shop would evolve from round to round, without item rerolls, and it would be an asynchronous shared shop, meaning all have the same items in the shop at the same time, but one player buying an item would not make it bought to someone else. Second form : players could choose to exchange their items, and be able to choose another item of the same value according to the same kind of asynchronous shop explained earlier. That or just give a few possibilities according to the item you want to exchange. To make it fair and not have people abusing it, exchanging an item would require a gold commission according to the item level and usefulness. Third form : roughly the same as the second form, but this time introduce an item currency, selling an item would give you such currency, and you could exchange gold for it, at a fixed rate of 4/6 gold per item money for example. the exchange could be done both ways to ensure control over both currencies and adjust play styles accordingly. This is an idea I wrote roughly, I will try to update it and refine it if there are loopholes in my line of thoughts, and also according to what people might say about it. I really wish this game mode had a bit less luck and a bit more strategy to make it a really good competitive game, and one day why not an e-sport game ! I understand if Riot read this, and such options would be thought internally but decided not to be done because development would be needed elsewhere, as a finishing video game programming and game design student, please also consider this as an internship application to be able to work on such ideas and make TeamFight Tactics a really great game mode

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