The Easiest Champs for each role ?

(Edited: i made shorter lists + i want you to know that i am a Silver player ;P) ______________________________________________________________________________________ Hello there summoners :D so i was thinking today, what are the easiest - yet useful- champions to play for each role ? i play normals alot and i fill too much so i pretty much play each role at this moment, but i noticed that i play alot of champions -for each role- which i dont see it improving my gameplay. straight to the point, here are the champions i feel they suit the request so i am going to mainly play them, please share whatever you have if you feel it helps: ______________________________________________________________________________________ Top: Darius / pantheon / Garen jungle: Mundo / Warwick / Amumu Mid: (Note: i always prefare to play AP champion here so i am going to exclude any AD) Lux / Syndra / Veigar / ADC: MF / Ashe / Caitlyn Support: (This is actually my prefarable role) Janna / Lulu / Leona / Morgana ______________________________________________________________________________________ So as i said before, please share if you can add or give any advice, and please no one get offended xD by easy champion i mean it really requires no "mechanics", just knowledge and macro stuff since i presonally like the out smart teamwork win, not the 1 vs 1 outplays Peace, {{summoner:4}}
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