You are not entitled to a "big leash"

Junglers who ask for massive leashes should not play jungle at all, Understand that by forcing your laner to stay longer than he should, You help the enemy laner get level 2 faster, Have more farm and roflstomp his lane or get to safe spot even if your laner had prior advantage. These actually are the type of jungler who is in the "I need my team to nurse me mentality", LISTEN WELL! As a jungler you are the person who should be nursing the others, You are the father in the family, They all expect gifts from you, Do not expect gifts from them, They are children, If you nurse them well they will carry your ass when they turn 18. So please, The last person who should be saying "Wtf top, mid, bot no ss, no help etc" is you, Be prepared, Do not be self-entitled.
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