Someone tell me why they have to take away all the champions I main. Mordekaiser did NOT need a rework. What was wrong with Mordekaiser? It was shuch a fun champion to play, with a lot of depth in his kit, and a lot of creative ways to play him. This is not a rework, this is a new champion with the same name. It makes no sense to me to take away a champion that has been in League of Legends for ages. It was a unique champion with a very interesting kit, and now they just turned him into an dull Aatrox type champion. I bet you that most Mordekaiser mains would agree that he did not need to be deleted. Cause that's what's happening, they call it a ''rework'' so people get less pissed when they just delete champions like Mordekaiser right now. And most people fall for it because the champion and skills look more fancy. PS. I would really like to hear from Mordekaiser mains, because all the comments so far are from people who don't really know him.
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