How to remove divine wrath and curse of Riot Games?

I seem to be a target of divine wrath from Riot Games. They hate me really much and want me to drop in rank, is there a way to put end to this wrath? For every good team I get 4 bad teams. I just don't see any way to win when enemy jungle is feeding enemy laners, own jungle is feeding enemy laners... Then they are more fed than american internet billionaires that only eat at McDonald's and only from the dollar menu and it doesn't matter if I'm 5/0/0 at 10min if my team has 5 kills and their team has 15. Its also really frustrating waiting for 10-15min just to get a game of trolls. So just how do you remove the divine wrath of Riot Games? Do I have to buy more skins or just send money to them, or start sacrificing lambs and smoking strange candles?
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