Nice snitching strategy Riot

So first I was on a winning streak, right after the winning streak they asked me if the game has been enjoyable the past time, so I pressed Agree. RIght after the winning streak, I went into a losing streak bcs of suspiciously bad teammates. I also had a bit of bad games, but there wasn't really anything I could do anymore to save the games. The games I played before the feedback: perfect, no toxic teammates, well coordinated, good teamplay, balanced games where I really enjoyed playing and everyone was tryharding. After the review: toxic teammates, complaining, most likely first timers, playing low winrate champions that don't make sense at all in the teamcomp, no coordination, calling me %%%%%% when I say ''I don't need blue buff'', bot and top losing their lanes hard even before the 10 minute mark. Now that's what I call a good strategy from Riot to collect good reviews. I'd say as if it was planned, but yeah who am I to say that. I am ready to be downvoted here, do not really care. I am quite done with the game. Sorry for interrupting the positive atmosphere around here. Have a great evening everyone.
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