**Hi all !** Riot ! I need your help . In this morning , I play 5 games and of all I lose . I have better score but my team ( or AFK , or TROLL , or FLAME , etc ) I would like to propose that each player to join a league for beginners as such sons. At level 20 to be in league 'bronze' and the bronze to be very weak lol. The very good league to be in 'gold' or 'platinum' 'understand what I mean .. I say this because I had many matches that we played well but we lost because of it's beautiful and not so. It must emerge from those who take only 1 match ban or something like that, not with Lowe buster or so. Thank you W ho agrees with me respond with a yes {champion:115}} {{summoner:17}} {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
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