Coup De Grace rebalance

This is by far the most common use out of the third group Precision runes due to its reliable damage for getting the killing blow (who doesnt want to have the kill gold!?). Meanwhile the anti tank of Cut Down rarely picked due to its usefulness only becoming effective later into the game where tanks/bruiser/battle mages only starting to have the relative health ratio to warrant the rune. Lastly (no pun intended) Last Stand having mixed use on bruisers where their fluctuating HP pools allows them to reach the tipping point of 45% health giving 8% bonus damage, so the 1v9 legendary playstyle can actually gain from this rune. To give a bit more life into the other runes, but also make the Coup De Grace resemble more of an execute (I hardly see 40% hp someone as mortally wounded needing a mercy killing), I propose that Coup De Grace has a scaling ratio: Deal up to 16% bonus damage while the target is below 50% HP with a maximum when they are at 10% or less. Examples of HP vs bonus Dmg: 50% hp 0% dmg 45% hp 2% dmg 40% hp 4% dmg 35% hp 6% dmg 30% hp 8% dmg 25% hp 10% dmg 20% hp 12% dmg 15% hp 14% dmg 10% hp 16% dmg Although this may seem like a buff, its actually a nerf to burst champion (assassings/slayers) doing a 100-0 combo, but a buff for ADCs to get that last auto in.

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