anyone else disappointed by kassadins daughter

I'm so disappointed with kassadins' daughter, I've been looking forward to her for ages to know how slightly twisted and warped she would be by the void.... but look at her, perfectly fine happy looking, another hunter like Vayne and Lucian with her chest out like all of the other copy-paste style female champion designs, DULL, DULL, SO, SO PAINFULLY DULL why is it that kassadin and malzahar are all messed up by 10 seconds of the void and yet her spending years in there nothing changes but she can shoot grapes at people now. genuinely a disappointing champion concept that i cant believe i've been waiting so long for inb4 irelia's brother is just a muscular dude with a big weapon. any other older players feel this or is this just me selling out a long awaited lore champion for nothing but a skin tight suit and sex appeal.
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