My Opinion on the game.

First of all hey^^ I'm playing league nealry everyday and the matchmaking is just not good. It got some changes in this season and smh those changes dont work how they are supposed to be. I have to admit that it got betetr of the last few patches. 1. I often have to play with 30% wr dudes in my team against 70% winrate dudes. This is happening to everyone now, even in higher elo. Here you got a pretty good example: . Don't get me wrong it's okay to play with and against ppl like that but there should be some sort of balance. In the video I linked above you can see what i mean. There is no balance. Btw the video is in german but the only thing that matters is the picture of the site. Just pause the video and look at it. 2. Work more on your ban-system. Flamers are getting punished instant and trolls, espicially soft trolls, won't get punished if you don't write a support ticket manually. Again here is an example of a master yi who troleld over 500 games with tham kench had has a 0% wr on him. He only got banend after he reached the front page of reddit. Here you have a video: 3. Balance the rank system. Why didnt you guys reset the elo of everyone when u reset it for all high elo players? You can't tell me that someone who had 300 rank games and was s4 lasts season can somehow magically become a g2 player in 2 months. Also when you lose 2 games every 3rd game is a free win. You can ask every player who is above s2 and he will say that it is true. 4. Develop a function where simply can disable your chat. It would be easier for everyone. Those ppl who get tilted easily can just disable chat instead of insta muting everyone at the beginning of a a game and those people who are not toxic will just mute those ppl anyways. 5. Don't let ppl transer accounts into another region and let them keep their mmr with them. This makes no sense becasue the skill level of every server is diffrent. Also you have already seen what happened. 6. Fix your client. Compared to the old client the new one has so many more bugs and less features than the old one. I will just link the league forum here: . 7. Bugfixes. There are some many bugs in this game. The best example is mordekaiser with 100+ bugs. I know that he is getting a rework, but several other champs have enough bugs. Mby focus on champ every patch for bugfixes. Again just gonna link the forum here as avidence: 8. Listen to the community on the pbe. Those ppl are the first one who can tell you if a change is good or bad. Let's take the galio buffs in ptach 7.11. If you don't rember them here is a video: Everyone on the pbe said that this will be broken. I know that pbe is for bug testing, but if literally everyone on pbe tells you that this will 100% be broken you should mby listen to them. 9. The league forum is dead. Noone who has any influence on the game will look there. Maybe someone should make a post that says: If you want to reach us with ur post go to : 10. Get a better infrastructure. I know that whoever will read this probably won't be able to reach out to someone who has any influence on the game. Not everybody knows that you HAVE to post on Reddit to have a chance to reach smbdy, but everyone knows about the riot games player support. 11. It's hard to be a content creator. I'm just gonna link the video of vandiril here. He can explain this better than I would be able to. Be sure that you you watch this 2 videos I linked and just pause the 1st video so you can clearly see the site, no need to watch the whole vid. Yours, Chris PS: Sry for any typos, english is not my first language. This post was origannyl sent to the riot games players support. I Also posted this on reddit. If you have reddit and you luike my post pls be sure to upvote it there too!
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