How YouTube Content Creators affected League Rossboomsocks, a fairly small YouTuber uploaded this video a few days ago. And I really want to talk about this. I've seen it upon upload, but since then I was thinking about it alot. At first I was kinda sad about what he is talking about, because he has some valid points. Most importantly is that those Content Creators who played League for fun and made silly and entertaining videos promoted the game and made it as big as it is today. Ross pinpoints dunkeys infamous video to be the day, the reason that League Comedy died. Personally I don't think that, because the YouTube algorithm and how Riot advertised the game is far more impactful than one video that one player made. And since recently people talk alot about League dying, there is the possibility that this will or already did hurt League. I wont go into this aspect deeper, as the video itself is pretty detailed. Watch it if you can take the negativity. But then I realized one key thing: More ≠ Better Of course League is big, but we do not play this game because it's big, do we? I noticed that popularity doesn't necessarily say it's good, so instead of thinking about how the death of League Comedy is bad for the game, I thought about how it could be a good thing. What struck me today though is the Support role specifically. And this is what I want to talk about in great detail: Now I don't know about you, but in the recent months the meme about how no one plays Support kinda died down, or at least I did not come across it that often. For ages we all had our own theories why Supports are unpopular. But what if the sole reason why Support is unpopular is because of those Content Creators? This actually makes alot of sense when you think about it. First and foremost, there are little to no popular Support videos on YouTube, are there? Most videos that are in my head right now are about many champions across all roles, except Support. Funny commentaries, montages, virtually no one even tried to make a video about Supports. I really don't remember one single video about Supports. Of course if you search for it you will find something, but fact is that Supports are almost totally ignored when it comes to these comedy videos. There are far more videos about other roles, than there are about Supports. So, if Content Creators are one of the biggest influencers who made this game as big as it is now, their lack of covering Supports naturally leads to people not checking out the Support role. Many theories of people who try to explain why Support is so unpopular mention how the KDA is almost always bad, you don't CS, no kills, no damage no rewards and so on. But what if this is not true? What if Supports are actually satisfying to play? (Support mains definetely will tell you it is) But because of bad KDA, low damage and all that stuff I just listed it is just not a good option to make a video with it. You cannot really clickbait with things that Supports do, and since they only _support_, the glory of the damage, kill and everything goes to the carry, not the Support. This makes the Support role a very bad candidate to make a video with. So despite Support being fun and satisfying to play, it's natural playstyle made Content Creators not choose to make videos with them. Thus Supports are not advertised and players don't even bother to check that role out, as every other role or champion is advertised as fun. Another point that suggest this theory to be true is how matchmaking became so good in the recent months. Riot said they improved the algorithm, but I don't think this is the only reason why matchmaking became better. Making an algorithm better does not magically make Support more popular. Think about it, Autofill is absolutely mandatory, because Support is so unpopular. And just because you update an algorithm, you don't magically make Supports be played more often. But since matches in which you are autofilled went down drastically and everyone gets their role, this has to mean that Support had became more popular in recent months, no? Coincidentally League Comedy is more dead than ever before. And since competitive videos and stream highlights become more popular, and people seeing that there are genuine people that play Support and almost no one shittalks that role, I think the players realize that Support is not such a bad role after all and it can be quite satisfying to play. Today, there there is more friendly and positive advertisment towards the Support role than ever before. Now this is all just a theory and I have no valid proof of this being true, but those coincidences fit just too well together. So you may put the death of League Comedy in the bad light and shame on it, but personally I believe that this is good for the game. If this theory turns out to be true, Support will become more popular, which can make the game better. League may or may not lose players, but I think the game is heading in the right direction.
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