TFT feedback from LoL and Autochess Fan

First sorry for my english it is my second language. So.... I am League of Legends fan from season 3. I was waiting for TFT for a long period of time and decided to play Dota Underlords (Autochess by Valve) to learn basic rules of Autochess game and to prepare for TFT. I never play Dota or Dota 2 before i didnt know any cahmpion or item. So today i was so exited - I was going to plat TFT for first time! And as i achieved highest rating in Underlords i was sure it would not be a problem. And my first ever game in TFT started and..... It is a mess, it is a complete mess. This is not a serious game - this is fan mode for 1 week. Let me explain: 1. If you want to make autochess game you need separate client. This should be a very very very "light" game look how smooth Dota Underlords is and how messy is TFT... it SHOULD be very light game - you can play with left foot in Underlords and it looks awsome and TFT is a mess, seems you just try to take 90% of Underlords mechanics and put in TFT, I have no problems with "OMG THEY TOOK ALL IDEAS FROM DOTA" but you just took all mechanics you added yours (brilliant idea with item combos i really love it) and you created mess. I cant understand what happens on my screen cause it heavy and not userfriendly. It took me 2 games to understand EVERYTHING in Underlords despite i didnt know ANY hero. 2. Interface. Sometimes i cant understand what happens - no information how many gold i get from lose from win from ineterest, sometimes i cant realise that round is over cause nothing show about round ending, i should rerol heroes for example and i still think that it is previous round... etc etc etc 3. Depature blackscreen just anoying - you have 60 gold you reroll heroes you look to your table - and black screen. 4. Where in game i can see information about items? Nowhere i should google it... 5. Draft round is a mess. Why do you need this? it sholud be LIGHT SMOOTH game and suddenly i have to run with dat thing with 9 things that looks like me i cant even understarnd fast where am i. And of course i should try not to hit a hero that i dont need. And i even cant cancel my choice if i ppicked wrong. 6. Look how easy is Underlords interface - you put hero on board and it instantly shows all synerges. In TFT only one smaaaaaaaaaaaal number changes when you put hero on table. 7. Why i cant see my opprnents gold - it is importnat I was waitning for it soooo long and TFT just annoys me i dont feel happy playing it :( I started to play Underlords to prepare for TFT and... i will keep play in Underlords casue i can realx when playing it and TFT only annoys me.. Now i will wait when you realize that you need seperate game for it not on LOL engine. This is my feelings, i dont want to hurt smobedoy. To undestand what i mean here just play 1 game in Underlords and feel the differnce. I hate Dota 2 but.. TFT is not for me. TY and sorry for my eng once again, i hope you understand what i mean. P.S When i say annoy me i mean - interface, and how game looks in general. Not gameplay - gampelay is good I just really feel dizzy when i play it ARIVAL DEPATURE CAROUSEL FIGHT DEPATURE ARRIVAL it is soooooooo fast and messy
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