I'm so confused

7 wins in a row in Plat 4 and I'm still only getting +14 for a win. In fact, last game I got +13! Surely my MMR can't be that shit after that many wins. I would understand if I had been dropping down the leagues but I've been climbing and I only reached Plat 4 2 days ago. I've never experienced low LP gains like this in Plat before, and it's a little disheartening that after 7 wins in a row I am still only at 98LP. EDIT: My win streak finally ended and I lost 20LP..... Sigh, I feel like I'm going to be stuck in Plat 4 for a long time. EDIT 2: Just got promoted into Plat 3 and I'm still only getting 14LP per win. I'm also mostly getting matched against Gold players despite me winning 15 out of my last 20 matches. Seriously, how can my MMR be so low with such a high win rate?
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