Discussion for ( future ) possible reworks

This post will serve as a means for riot to look up ideas on what to do on reworks or ability modifications on some champions that might be too much for the game making it toxic and (un)fun to play against. Any ideas are welcomed, but you need to explain WHY that champion is not fair to play against (does it offer any kind of counter play? Is it point and click game breaking/turning ability? etc ), and which ability/abilities should be changed and offer the solution. I'll start: **- Cho'Gath (His ultmate - Feast)** As he currently is, his ultimate - Feast deals **TRUE DAMAGE TO CHAMPIONS: 300 / 475 / 650 (+ 50% AP) (+ 10% bonus health)**. I agree with this, but a small caveat, this skill is: 1. instant 2. Will lock on you even if you flash 3. A typical combo people use is the flash + ultimate on a low target ( Leaving no choice for the one ulted ) 4. There's no real counter play for this ( **Not that I know of** ) **Solution**: Since his ultimate **DEALS TRUE DAMAGE**, is considered an **EXECUTION** and **IS INSTANT**, maybe this ability should be modified so that he can only cast his ultimate **if someone has/had one of these conditions in the last 5 seconds**: * Stunned * Slowed * Rooted/Snared * Feared * Knocked (up/back) * Silenced **NOTE: This modification is only applied against champions. **NOTEx2: Not saying I didn't warn you...but I did...[CHO'GATH - 1 SHOT MONTAGE! "Outplays"](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E9MxM2NmH5g)

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