RITO balancing is just ...

Why Rito balancing team is sooooooo BAD,out of this world.. The only way of balancing is to nerf a champ to oblivion and another champ took his place into the circle of idiotic nerfs.The true example is Kassadin (i dont main it or something,just i give it for example of mindless and idiotic nerf) R range was 700 nerfed to 400(?!?!?!) and after 1 week they increased it to 500 ?!?!?! Sion is the other example..U really gong to nerf Sion righ..Pretty low.This guy is item capped to 35 min and not even a late game thread,because,because he is a TANK rito,and u make him even trash in early game.This part of the game when he is the strongest,MEANWILE you doing NOTHING FOR IRELIA !! Please RITO just fire your balancing team and hire new one.These guys cant balance this game..
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