Nerf %%%%ing Ekko.

Patch 9.18 **BUFF** [mana cost reduced] his W stun for no %%%%ing reason increased from 1,75 to 2.25. a %%%%ing 2.25 stun at level 1. Patch 9.16 **BUFF** Phase Dive[E] damage increased. Passive cooldown reduced. Patch 9.11 This is some kind of bug fix I dont know. Patch 9.9 **BUFF** Base attack damage increased from 55 to 58. Phase Dive[E] mana cost reduced. buff after buff after buff until they make him so overloaded with damage and everything, lets not even talk about his W shield that almost shields him for whole HP, than also a free revive ability that ALSO deals TONS OF %%%%ING DAMAGE. So Ekko nerfs when? this cancer has been op in jungle and mid for too long
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