Aaaaand I'm done.

League of Legends, one of my favourite games of all time, at least it was that is. I have so many memories of it, I played thousands of matches and this was the game where I truly felt the competition. Alas after many screams of frustration, many soul crushing bugs and countless of useless teammates I have decided to quit playing this game competitively. Which is a huge thing to say because I've put so many hours into learning the game, mastering every aspect and I was even hoping to become a professional player. I've come to the realization that this game was not the masterpiece I once thought it was and it has become a very negative aspect of my life. What drove me to end this "journey" of mine? Let me tell you: 1. League of Legends is not a fun competitive game. Competition is a very big aspect of this game, its marketed as one of the biggest Esport game of all time. But if you decide to play to win, you'll find yourself having a terrible time playing the game because there are so many things that can decide the fate of the match and most of them are out of our hands. 2. The game is not fit to play competitively. There are so many bugs, glitches, errors you can run into. A simple bug or design error can cause you to have a really bad game and thus keeping you hostage for 30+ minutes until the game finally ends. 3. There is just too much LUCK involved. Now hear me out, I know what you're gonna say, that I'm just a bad player that can't accept that I simply suck at the game. However, if you look at the game you can find that a lots of elements are based on random change such as; teammates, internet connection, bugs, champion picks and bans, drakes. 4. Riot doesn't provide the tools we'd need for competitive play. 1 word: VOICE CHAT! Communication is the bread and butter of competitive games and sports, its a standard requirement to have in an online competitive game. Yet Riot is so stubborn about it, they think it will make the game more toxic? In my opinion it would make the game LESS toxic because we could communicate more clearly and with less effort. Just put it in for %%%%'s sake. 5. League of Legends affects me as a person. The game is just so ungodly frustrating that I'm having problems keeping my life in order, I realized when I was playing ranked I'd be so angry and mean to everyone after. I would have problem keeping up my diet, exercise and a lot more productive things. 6. The community. Its AWFUL, having to deal with people in game and other things associated with the game (khmboardskhm) was one of the worst experiences of my life. People are so god damn sensitive and petty, they act like literal animals and the worst things is you can't defend yourself! Riot's solution to toxicity is to simply let yourself be harassed. Lets think about this for a second, if the situation in real life was the same, what would you do? Defend yourself of course, you're not a moron! But if you do so the police will arrest you without hesitation. I already know what you'll think if you manage to read this, I'm just BAD that I can't climb and have a weak will to have the game affect me so. Might be, but if the game offers me a 51% chance of winning a game, I won't gamble for days. Its a waste of my time. I will probably only play with friends, if at all. I'm actually glad to make this decision because I haven't had real fun alone since like season 6. Peace.
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