I am deeply concerned about League's future with champion design.

Sylas: The Unshackled | Champion Trailer - League of Legends
Power is so easily taken. Watch me break a kingdom with it.
With the new year, Riot gives us a new champion! Yay! Or so I thought. Then I watched the trailer for Sylas and it got me thinking, why do they have to do champions that yes, are fun to play **as** and **with ** but are super unfun to play **against**. Yes, it obviously is not easy to make fresh, unique champion at the rate they are trying, but do they actually have to? I think not, the game would be much better, more stable if they took, even a whole year without releasing any new champions and even avoiding reworks, as they are just rushing these champions {{champion:84}} {{champion:518}} {{champion:39}} that no one enjoys playing against. They need to put much, much more effort on thinking _what is good for the entire game, not just the team that has the champion._ This makes me very sad, as I do not see Riot listening to the community, and if they don't make changes on that, this may be the final nail on the coffin, at least I am soon too tired of this. You just can't permaban that many champions yourself. And I doubt that I'll be the only one _**who will quit this game for good**_ Please, Riot, make it stop. Use your great designers well, do nut just rush something just because. _Think_ the community. _Think_ me. _Think_ anyone reading this. _Think_ the community.
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