Riot have become increasingly controlling and greedy

I believe that Riot are becoming increasingly controlling with its playerbase. What do I mean by that? Well, let's go back a few years ago. Riot released URF, people had a lot of fun and then Riot refused to bring it back. People were wondering why? If the goal of the company is to release a fun game, then why wouldn't they bring back their most fun gamemode again? After months and months, Riot finally got pressured enough to tell the truth. They noticed a drop in the playerbase once URF was removed. People found normal League boring compared to it and hence quit the game or had an extended break. So Riot simply decided to not bring it back.** Riot prioritised their interests over the players' fun and happiness**. They did not care about whether you were having fun or not, they only wanted to preserve their interests. After some time, Riot started with the missions. At the start, missions were simple, easily completed in bot games. However, Riot realised they did not want people to complete missions in bot games and then potentially do other stuff. They wanted you to play their game. So they increased the number of missions and made many missions only achievable in PvP modes. Through missions, Riot realised they could control their playerbase. **We do not want you to play coop games, we want you to play PvP games and more frequently.** After a while, Riot realised people completed many missions in ARAM, so they changed their missions, you could only complete many missions by dropping control wards. **We do not want an ARAM only player, we want our player to play multiple PvP games in SR and occasionally some ARAM.** At this point, Riot have not fully shaped their ideal player. They want you also to play ranked, get a taste of it and maybe even get hooked. So they added ranked missions. The final step in shaping the player as they want is by adding missions that can completed by buying things. They added missions related to skins and some only available by buying a "pass". Not even going to mention the watch worlds missions but you get where I'm going. **We don't care about your happiness and enjoyment of the game so SR stays the same, we only care about having a player that plays PvP games, preferably ranked, and gets hooked to it, occasionally plays ARAM and purchases skins regularly.** Even the e-sport events feel like a way to promote buying things as we saw with the aggressive marketing strategies deployed for the KDA skins. I have been completing mission in 2018 and I felt more and more manipulated by Riot as missions evolved and changed. I felt like a sheep being controlled by Riot, being shaped into their perfect moneyslave. The difference between Riot and other companies is striking. I have never felt this way in Overwatch. They constantly release fun game modes and do not attempt to control you like Riot is doing. The changes for Season 9 further exacerbate this. You will get a rank for each role, basically endless ways to get hooked and become a model player for Riot, a PvP player trying 5 times as hard to get the virtual rewards. **All changes that Riot have made in the past years have one objective, shape you into a hooked player with more and more stuff to grind and more items to purchase, not a single change has been made to make the game more fun and healthy.**
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