Camille e needs a change again O.o

Well guys i am asking for ur opinion asbout camilles e and her kit, im dia 2 and was camille otp. The thing is, that it realy needs 2 be reverzed to the release e, so that she gets the attack speed always when she jumps towards an enemy, not only when hitting them. The attack speed she gets from her e is assential for her fighting, because u dont buy attack speed items with her. If u get ahead in lane with her and then try 2 roam and gank other lanes, its close 2 impossible to win the fights, because there are over 1000 methodes to counter her e hit. U can just flash it, use a dash, use untargetability knockback, knockup or other dash interupts (e.g. poppy) and if u dont hit it u instantly lose the fight because ur damage output gets towards 0. in my opinion this is very unfair, because if u use the dash long range it is pretty easy 2 predict, because its so slow and u can easily ract 2 it. It feels extremly frustrating and she is having so many counterpicks at all which can stop her dash with ez or stop her ult, like tham, kalista, tristana, xaya, sivir, it feels like everyone, and she should be an adc killer, even a ga or zhonyas can make her ult almost useless. And she doesnt even get her ult cd back like darius or morde if her ult gets interupted. Ik it is frustrating u play agaisnt her as well but i think they should nerv her in other ways, but dont remove the utility. At last, the last "few" patches makes some matchups for her impossible as well; matchups she won before or went even. Like jax, got {{item:3161}} , and is unfightable as her nowerdays. She cant use most of the new stuff. even the new conquere is bad on her because she doesnt need the true damage , and allmost all the ad on conquorer was removed. All runes which boost ur damage by a % dont work on her q, and camille is basically only q. Well all the new changes on the other champs make it feel even worse. idk. :(
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