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Find the best League of Legends Yasuo build and runes guide. Top, jungle, mid, bot, support roles on ranked solo/duo/flex, aram, and normal blind/draft. S9 Patch 9.10.1.
This has gotten to a point of being ridiculous,like {{champion:157}} has gotten to a point of being useless in every single lane WinRates Rumble 39.5% 929 Matches Karthus 42.9% 914 Matches Malzahar 42.9% 5,782 Matches Morgana 43% 1,881 Matches Annie 43.1% 2,068 Matches Taliyah 44% 916 Matches Riven 44% 834 Matches Veigar 44.2% 4,033 Matches This is Just For Midlane may i add,at toplane even worse winrates on matchups yasuo usually won,i am not requesting any buffs im just trying to prove the point of how braindamaged allot of players are to even be scared of him on every elo he sits at almost 47% w/r on every server.This isnt funny coming from not only my self but ALLOT of yasuo players and players that actually understand the game and see stats, most of the people complaining is low elo,of course not seeing how much of a high skill cap the champ has want to see some toplane winrates too? Here take em Wukong 39.1% 404 Matches Volibear 41.9% 544 Matches Renekton 42.5% 2,859 Matches Maokai 42.6% 451 Matches Kled 42.7% 716 Matches Jax 42.8% 2,786 Matches Tryndamere 43% 1,113 Matches Darius 43.4% 3,040 Matches Like Please look into this and take the meters needed to fix this issue . Season4 Player 1Mil 14 Accounts, Sincerely Nick

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