So Jhin got Relased....

I feel some what disappointed , i love Riot and all and they do amazing work but he does not seem that much off a new offense. Riot you took the ulti from a HON hero not that it is a bad thing but what bugs me is his Q and E . A trap and a bouncing grenade....RIot i know you can do better..... also the 4 bullet thing with no way to reload like graves will be interesting , cause in game the need for AS and crit are the meta now... As quoted by Gypsyloard : "On the gameplay difficulty spectrum, I anticipate him being way easier than Azir, way harder than Garen, and somewhere in the middle between Jinx and Ekko." im sorry but hes like cait but with a skill shot ulti x4 Thought i very much appreciate the design/concept and awesome animation/art work , damn awesome. EDIT : Quote: Rhykes "I find it rather odd that there's almost nothing "artistic" about his playstyle, his kit, appearance, or graphics. I'm assuming he has unique taunt interactions with a few champions, but beyond that, the teaser seems... amazing but totally irrelevant. I don't see why they didn't add something like getting a Killing Blow with an R bullet summons a tree on the enemy's corpse that grants a small amount of vision and slows around them for a couple seconds. It would be more unique than yet another super-long range skillshot ult, and would help tie the teaser with the champion more. Disappointed, but at least he looks more engaging than other marksmen... not that that is particularly hard to do." - and i agree with him....

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