Dear Riot...just why ?

I have never truly grasped the reasoning of this, or was it ever properly addressed. Why does Riot have such issue with mages ? What ticked to say it, to write about this issue again is the upcoming GA change. Physical damage...into a revive item ? Can there be anyone idiotic enough to actually consider that to be normal ? And the most pathetic thing is- the comment underneath it "tanks will have more options" - yes, i can see Maokai taking a pickaxe and having so much more contribution. It will go to Vayne, to Zed to Yasuo and all of the similar kind...and it will make a trade that is already 60:40 against a mage into, 80:20. We are long past that 50:50. Back to the general point. What is the accaptable excuse that you use, or make people swallow to make Mage early to mid trade offs so underwhelming ? The "possiblity" of deleting with full spell rotation ? Maybe. 3 goddamn years ago. There is upcoming GA, Maw, Edge of night, Steraks, Mercurial...and we are not even talking about lifesteal. So good luck with that. Let us put it on scale : AD damage- AP damage Armor pen. - Magic pen. Attack speed - ? Lifesteal - ? (Spellvamp is in general basis dead) Crit - ? Cdr. works for both Do you get the picture ? What is the countermeasure ? With all the itemization changes - the excuse "well they can blow you up fast, from a long range" doesnt buy it anymore. Not even close. What comes as even greater issue is- lack of component value. Of cheap usable Mage spikes. It comes to generalist base value raises, and that is it. With the excuse of perhaps hex. revolver, or catalyst- other are underwhelming. As a small comparison - Aether Wisp/ Fiendish codex vs Vampiric scepter - so ad damage and possiblity to regen life on AA (we have minions in this game as well) , vs AP and movement speed (conditional), cooldown (useful but not when base mana is already low). And there are tons of similar ones. What are my useful counterparts for Hexdriner, Cutlass or Jaurim fist ? What is my useful counterpart to hurricane or yoummu's ? There are none. Ryalis got changed, Zhonya god changed, Ludent was a step in right direction, got nerfed, Protobelt is decent, but still extremely conditional. You cannot counterargue it with- "well AD also are, not like Yasuo/Cait will build blade of the ruined king", thing is...based on a simple principle of AA as the primary damage source THEY CAN. Maybe not as effective, but still a viable option. On the other hand...should i get protobelt on my Lux, to properly suicide ? Guess not. New meta includes Gunblade onto assasins. I find it deffective. I dont want my Ahri or LeBlanc to have ANYTHING with ad whatsoever. You are forcing mages, into accepting hybrid items, because the completely lack the choice...and it is pathetic. Also, to clear one point out of the window is- but you have team. No. I have bunch of unknown individuals with the same goal and that is it. This isnt proffessional gameplay. I am not Crown, Pawn or Faker to squeeze 100% out of that Viktor in first 15 minutes, i might get 70 to 80%...same as 95% of gamer population. Using them as an optional excuse- also fails. When Mundo,Maokai or even a got damn bruiser gets fed in their match- you will have a small thing called "coordinated counterplay", to polish the difference. In soloq it will go like this- i might do decent..get 2-3 kills, my Riven will jump and suicide into Mundo...ill get about 2 items, so will he. Let us say..for example wise mercs, spirit visage and maybe sunfire for my pen boots, morello and probably ryalis or ludents. At one point, he will roam mid, rip me apart together with their mid laner, while i either die or dance like a monkey at my tier 2. While jungler goes to counter..god knows why, Riven freezes a empty lane, and bot still has a epic solo standoff. And they pattern of game "approach" easily reaches to even diamond. So no- in solo gameplay , mage "defections" cannot be polished even by element of a team, because that concept, at least in solo play is unreliable. So i ask...what is the proper solution that will be implemented ? Will there ever be any ? Or did mages become simply a decoration,available simply because a MOBA game in general description has them.
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