Azir and deciding on where to go next

To clarify straight away, I want to create this discussion to tell Riot my thoughts on Azir and if there's anyone who agrees for them to add their support. I personally feel that Azir is situationally strong in the sense that he can either be stomped or can carry hard. This is how I imagine it should be for every champion, with strong and weak match ups. I do not believe that he needs a re work of his kit, I think it defines him as a champion. (Yes I'm looking at you shurima shuffle) If there was ever anything to change about Azir, I would say some of his numbers could be changed. Do not be mislead, I am not referring to his damage but his survivability, this ranges from his base armour/health and movement speed to help him survive the early and mid game. Something to I want to say personally to riot is that Azir is my favourite champion and has been for some time and would be disappointed if he was to be reworked into something not quite Azir and if it was my choice, I would keep him as he is now rather than change him. Thanks to whomever takes the time to read this I have also created this post in the NA forums, thanks to those who have voted so far, you can also vote in the NA boards for an even better chance to tell Riot what you want:

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