Problem with akali

Yo so since the rework akali got nerfed 20 times. What's the problem? Well firstly its not the problem in shroud (i aggre with the removal of the tower dive shroud),heal off her Q thats not the problem,the problem is her passive damage and her damage in general. Instead of removing her healing from Q you could've removed damage per rank from her Q,her early (lvl6) to mid game are too broken against any adc's even against other assasins like zed,katarina,talon,master yi etc. they dont win a 1v1 against akali if akali has two items. Her damage with only gunblade so thats 80AP and 40AD+ you can delete adc and support with one combo there's the problem riot,not her Q heal not how her invis long is her damage (passive especially). Angry balance rioter there thats reading this thread revert her Q healing and nerf her passive damage.

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