How to choose a support depending on the adc

It s easy just look at your adc Your ADC : Has Suicidal tendencies --> {{champion:16}} Has no idea what poke is but can somewhat keep himself alive -->{{champion:37}} Can be trusted to play 2 AA on a Target -->{{champion:53}} /{{champion:89}} Has no Idea how to dodge skillshots -->{{champion:25}} Has no mappresence -->{{champion:43}} Is bad at teamfighting -->{{champion:40}} /{{champion:267}} (He ll get greedy and die anyway) Is so bad in positioning you have to get comforted by a Poro -->{{champion:201}} Is a pro -->{{champion:412}} Will probably Afk anyway -->{{champion:117}} Will flame you anyway -->{{champion:44}} Should not flame you anyway --> {{champion:432}} Should definetly never flame you -->{{champion:223}} Is Draven -->{{champion:17}} I hope you liked it
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