F*ck ranked dynamic que.

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I am getting sick a tired of this dum shit with dynamic que and placing with people who are way below my skill level! Yet again in plat 4 i am being paired with pre's who are gold, boosting their silver friend. Why the f*ck is the game matching me with silver at plat 4, this isn't the first time its done it, i swear the more i climb the lower tier players i get, i hardly ever play with full plat or diamond teams. Its amazing how a gold 1 is pre'ing with a silver 3, and yet am behind matched in that same bracet at mid plat 4, man this shit is god dam stupid. The adc was silver 3, pre'ing with the gold 1 jax, i gave all the kills, she was feed, but didn't do sh*t with them.
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