Kindred and morde ults

As you all know, {{champion:203}} is the spiritual representation of death in Runeterra while {{champion:82}} is just some noxian(just like me ^^) dude who had a smol duck and made up for it buy building himself a massive goth dungeon/ castle so people would respect him a bit more. Now, after the rework, {{champion:82}}s ult is a hard counter to {{champion:203}}s ult to a point where it is just unfair because your ult is usually pretty useless compared to what some other champions have, including {{champion:82}} so, to make the whole thing more plausible(lore wise, why should {{champion:82}} be able to counter deaths ultimate with his own ultimate that is just moving you into the death real which should not give him an advantage over death anyway) and a bit more fair, i would suggest, that {{champion:203}}s ult should be changed so it not only prevents death but also bind everything inside it the to over world to what you would call it, including champions that are in the death realm but in the same area, instantly bringing them back to the surface when the ult is cast (not afterwards, that would not be fair); the same thing should apply to {{champion:432}} ult so to be consistent. I hope you have a wonderful day, Me(who did you expect)
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