Info on Wave management As Support ?

Am a Support main and i think i know the basics of wave management in lane such as : - i delay the minion wave from reaching the tower when my adc isnt around , so he doesnt lose any gold - i freeze the wave in certain places depending on situation - help my adc farm undertower like if my adc is about to miss a minion that require 2 AA and the tower is hitting that minion i AA that minion so my adc can last hit -backing out from lane if my adc has lost a lot of xp so he can take all the xp from creeps today i was playing {{champion:40}} with {{champion:29}} and he almost went nuts cuz i didnt help him push the wave and kept saying : you are support main wtf is wrong with you push the goddamn wave etc.. - i dont like to try to push the wave and attack minions cuz my adc might lose some farm and no adc ever asked me to push with him so this was a first . he kept telling me to watch some vids on wave management and waveclear etc .. in general my experience with that guy was different i didnt know what exactly he wanted from me was kinda weird so to speak he made me question my self , am i missing something here ? is there is something i should know ?

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