Can we balance evelynn properly and not bs that doesn't matter?

A perma stealth champ with a passive warmog's that needs to hug you before she is actually visible and oneshots in a second with an ult that is also an escape. Yes, why not? Miss Q? Doesn't matter, you can still spam cast everything else. I understand she needs oneshot capabilities, but when her "execution" ult can still deal tons of damage to full health champs then it's a little overtuned. And she doesn't even need her ult to kill, because you pop as a bubble when just throws her basic abilities. She can't even finish using the Q before someone is dead. Magic resist is a joke against her unless you are some ultra tanky champ and even they get shredded. She eats through Maw like it's nothing at all. Atleast nerf her properly and not just some joke of a patch that touches something that is more or less meaningless. It's like the time you removed 5 movement speed on Riven because that would be a game changer to high heavens.
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