I don't understand why Riot Games reworked Diana

She was my favourite champion, I was able to one-shot everyone. I have all of her skins, I loved her. In the end... a rework came. Before this new patch, it seemed... okay-ish. But now, she just feels so awkward to play in mid lane. When I go to mid lane, I expect my champion to have assassin levels of damage if they are melee. I tried several builds, even ones that invented on my own. They just don't work as intended. Can we make a change...? Here is what I offer, guys: Her **[Q] Crescent Moon** is all good. Maybe even hit its damage a bit, reduce its base to 60/90/120/150/180. Let the ratio stay the same and make the cost a bit lower, for example to 40 mana at all ranks, because the Q on its own only does damage if there is no E and I proposed a mana cost increase there. Plus, look at Orianna, her Q is a game changer but starts at 30 mana cost and she can nuke you all she wants, it has a lower cooldown anyways. But her passive just feels so overnerfed. Yes, I like you brought back the attack speed. Let's make a small exchange here... Make the damage of the passive to be **40 flat + 80% AP** magic damage. No need for base scaling. I just want something close to my old ratio, which was 90% AP, but because she hits her power spike level 2, I guess 10% less could compensate, along with the lower base. In exchange, I offer you to completely remove the damage from my R, but lower its cooldown to 80/65/50 seconds and make it slow the enemies dragged in for 3/4/5 seconds and if they were hit by the *Outer Circle* they are stunned for half of the duration. Diana gets 20% bonus magic penetration for the next 5/6/7 seconds. So basically split the range in 2 parts, inner circle and outer circle. The inner circle will be 70% of the range. The other 30% will be the outer circle. Will be an interesting mechanic for championship/high level outplays. Never seen another champion with that mechanic. It will give Diana more personality this way. And... will give her more than 1 difficulty out of 3. Probably 2, not enough for 3. But will definitely make her a more skill-expresive champion. Make my E immediately reset on dash, but preserve the triple dash new mechanic... maybe also change it's damage up a bit... like **50/70/90/110/130 + 50% AP**. Make the mana cost flat 90 at all ranks. This way the triple dash combo will cost a tad bit more, so it will come with a greater cost and that will open up a small weakness for her early game and force her to recall more often. Late game it wouldn't really matter, because you'd already have like 2000 mana. And... I will appreciate if the cooldown was slightly lower, for example 18/17/16/15/14 seconds. In exchange for that, you can nerf the W's damage to **10/20/30/40/50 + 15% AP** magic damage per sphere and reduce the shield to **10/20/30/40/50 + 10% AP + 7.5% bonus HP (to encourage her bruiser playstyle)**. Maybe also increase its mana cost to 70 at all ranks. It will solve the problems for Diana, though provided she already has a very positive winrate, I sense people will hate me. I hope she will also start getting banned less if you apply these. This will essentially nerf her early a tad bit more (as she is not intended to be an early game champion, even though she won't be as a glorified cannon minion like before), while improving her mid to late game scaling. She just feels like she has nothing to offer with this R. When I play with her, I even wish she had no R. Another suggestion I can give is give her 6 levels to all spells and make her start with R. Make R scale on its own at levels 6/11/16. You might need to make its damage a bit lower though. Will come in handy. Please let me know down in the comments what you think about these changes. Do they seem intriguing?
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