Are riot still working on dynamic queue?

I still find dynamic queue so unbalanced. i was plat 4 demoted to plat 5 after my phase of playithing things i havent playe dmuch lol however i got put in a game with a trio consiting of a high gold and 2 silver players and the enemy were about mid to high gold. the 2 silver players were pushing hard one of them playing ADC paired with their support so he was ok but their or partner was top as yorick pushing hard vs hec jungler and a malphite in top lane. He gives 3 kills in 10 mins. I say to him you need to stop pushing hard ward furtehr out so you can see hec come sooner and to stop building tri and start working on resistances so he wouldnt die so fast and that i may be able to help him. I reassured him saying i will rarely come top since the infernal dragon was first and i didnt want to risk it. But it wasnt like i could gank for him anyway considering he pushed so hard. But he kept pushing and died so many times and with him being silver this generally means they expect their jungler to win their lane for them even though they dont play to setting up ganks they think of it as a 1 v 1 situation and dont consider tehe enemy jungler until they give so many early kills. I kinda find it silly how this pairing can happen. I think id rather have had him AFK for 10 mins rather than how he played. I know people in high elo such as high diamond and masters etc say Learn to carry but its basically like saying can you win a 4 v 5 as easily as a 5 v 5? the answer is no and thats how it can feel sometimes... Any chance of dynamic Queue having its premades being more strict as in can only premade within a certain range of divions?
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