What are the Aspects and how do they work?

Me and a friend have been arguing about what the aspects are and how they work so I'm posing my interpretation here and please correct me if I'm wrong. Alright so with the pre-release of the Pantheon rework we got new information about the aspects but it made me also question alot of stuff. First these are currently the Aspects we know from: {{champion:131}} Diana the Aspect of the Moon {{champion:89}} Leona the Aspect of the Sun {{champion:10}} Kayle the Aspect of Justice {{champion:25}} Morgana the Aspect of Humanity {{champion:44}} Taric the Aspect of the Protector {{champion:142}} Zoe the Aspect of Twilight {{champion:80}} Pantheon the Aspect of War First the generell stuff: We know from the lore that if you climb Mount Targon you have a chance to get chosen by a celestial being and made into a Aspect. Now before you climb the Mountain you are a human and when you ascent you ARE the aspect until you die. After that a new one get's chosen to take your place. So if we say that Leona dies a new human get's chosen to replace her and be the new Aspect of the Sun. So does that mean the champions we play as are just vessels? And if they are vessels are they actually gods? Or is the being behind the vessels the god? Additionally are the aspects here to protect Runeterra or to protect the whole universe? We know that these celestial aspects created the first ascended but why? Now the rework of Kayle and Morgana confused me alot. We know from Kayle and Morgana that they never climbed the Mountain. It was their mother and their father who climbed the mountain. Their mother got ascended to the Aspect of Justice and Kayle and Morgana were born while their mother was already an aspect. So does that mean Aspects can get pregnant? Can they have children? Also Kayle is now the new Aspect of Justice and took her mothers place but is that just random that Kayle got chosen as the next Aspect of Justice or did her mother give her the responsebility of the Aspect? That is already confusing me since the champions we know are just vessels chosen by a godly celestial being and then guided by that being to fulfil their duty on Runeterra right? Well Zoe is another weird one. Zoe got didn't had to climb Mount Targon to get ascended she just got literally teleported up to the peak. Well even more confusing after Aatrox's rework there was a story released called "Twilight of the Gods". In this story we get to know more about the event that let to the creation of the Darkin as we know them know. It explains how Aatrox, Varus and Rhaast got created and why there are like this now. BUT the main character has a sidekick a girl named "Myisha" get apprence get's discribed: "Gold-blonde hair, like the men found in the cold north, spilled around her shoulders. Her features were youthful, but her eyes, one rich blue, the other twilight’s purple, held wisdom beyond her years. She wore thin silks, colorful and entirely unsuited to the desert, tied at the waist with a thin rope, from which hung a single golden key. A vivid pink scarf coiled around her neck, and she twisted its tasseled ends through her fingertips." Althought the blonde hair isn't correct all the other things match perfectly to Zoe. Why do I mention this? Well in the story this "Myisha" is acting very VERY diffrently compared to Zoe. And why should she change her name? This could mean that Myisha was the Aspect of Twilight before Zoe got ascended but Zoe talks about this event in her voicelines. So why is she acting so diffrently compared to this story? Why didn't Zoe ascend like the others? Now to the recent Pantheon rework. Alright so to this time we know that Atreus was a human living at Mount Targon he wasn't really that talented but still a good warrior he and a friend climbed up Mount Targon. His friend died as they reached the peek and Atreus didn't got ascended. The Aspect of War said that Atreus was not strong enough to become ascended but still took over his body and used it for it's own sake. And thats exactly what is so confusing because it just doesn't make sense. So does that mean the celestial being itself just took Atreus body? Is that also the case for the others? Does that mean Diana isn't actually the girls real name but the name of the celestial aspect? Further in the story we get to know that Atreus is just seeing blurry picture of what is happening while his soul and mind is caged. Let's say that this is always the case when someone get's ascended. That wouldn't match with Taric since Taric still know from his past in Demacia and from Garen. He know how he climbed the Mountain he even still wears the same name. If a celestial being just took over his body that all wouldn't make any sense. So let's say it was just this one case where the Aspect of War took over a human body. But then why would it do that? We know that the Celestial Aspect has the name "Pantheon" why would Pantheon not just ascended someone and guide them what they should do? Why did it took over a human body that it said was "unworthy" of ascension? It all doesn't make sense. This is only a theory but I would say that all the champions are vessels for the celestial being and they get guided by the celestial to fulfil their purpose and still have memories of their time before the ascension and all have their own names. Now the most confusing part: In his new bio we know that Pantheon who is controlling Atreus DIES in a fight with Aatrox. Honestly this part just made my head explode. Does that mean the celestial aspects can die? How did such a powerful being lose against a Darkin? It just all doesn't make sense to me. After Pantheon the celestial aspect dies Atreus get's back the control over his body and for some reason he doesn't die. It get's said that Aatrox sword pierced Atreus chest and Aatrox left him there to die. So Aatrox killed the aspect by piercing his chest but with the same thing the human Atreus doesn't die? Anyway Atreus survived this whole thing and now is back in control of his own body and hates all Darkin and Aspects. Now this is what this is all about who does Atreus hate? Zoe or the celestial aspect behind Zoe? Honestly this story is just too confusing for me and doesn't make sense for me. If someone can explain what Diana and co. actually are I would be really thankful.
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