Ahri has 54% win rate and 22% pick rate

Where are nerfs? Oh I forgot. Riot is favour to woman (sexy, waifu) champions. Yes favouritism or double standard. Say what you want. Same things available for Orianna and Syndra. I have a lot examples. You can't change reality. Some people says me your logic is very good etc. True. My logic is very good. I know Riot's injustice. Riot balance team:Lets gut unpopular (or unprepossessing) champions like Azir, Gnar, Kalista, Olaf, Udyr but Ahri, Syndra and Orianna are woman champions. They are immune from nerfs. My bad. Boards is very smart. I'm not. Boards: Hecarim is op. (Hec has 3% pick rate and 49% win rate) Boards: Ahri is fine. (Ahri has 22% pick rate and 54% win rate) Nice logic boards...
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