Why is Darius so bad if you look at Tank meta?

Like seriously, Irelia and Jax can carry the game with only trinity as item and also feels so tanky. But if you build a tank build you litterally deal no dmg on Darius And if you build ad items such as Black cleaver then you're squisy as hell. If you look at Ekko, Mokai, Gragas they do damage with tank build and are tanky as hell. Darius is such a overrated champ in this spot, people think hes broken because of that heal but hes not. And also his farm, you have to hit your Q 2 times to clear 1 wave... Am i bad? Or the champion. If so give me tips about darius, runes/masteries/keystone.. People will come here and say, you're bad, Darius is op. Just buff Zed / Irelia/ Riven.. Sorry for bad English

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