Item Concept - Ranger's Wrath

Something for the On-hit style ADC's especially coupled with lethal tempo or those that have AS steroids/resets. Just rough concept, of course number balances need to be tested (unfortunately I cannot do this in the practice tool as no mechanic exists for it). Build path: {{item:1043}} Recurve Bow 1000g: 25% attack speed; Unique passive 15 damage onhit {{item:3134}} Serrated Dirk 1100g: 25 attack damage; Unique passive 10 lethality; Unique passive - Headhunter: after unit kill, next damage spell has 40 bonus physical damage (30 sec CD) {{item:3599}} Rangers Wrath 3000g: 25% attack speed; 25 attack damage; Unique passive 10 lethality Unique passive - After Epic monster or Champion take-downs gain Rangers Wrath Rangers Wrath: Basic attacks onhit stack 3 lethality against that target up to 10 stacks. May need to be exclusive with {{item:3124}} as these two might synergise too well together!
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