[Suggestion] /¤\ Designated shotcaller /¤\

**There is an ocean of difference between normal solo queue and LCS. Lets put aside the skill difference, because some challengers are even better than some LCS teams. However, what not even solo queue challengers have, is a designated shotcaller. What exactly do I mean by that? ** Well, in the simplest of terms: _A designated shotcaller makes the decisions for the team._ Kind of like a higher rank in the military does. This allows a team to be effective. Some games you get a terrible shotcaller, and sometimes nobody listens to the shotcaller. However, having a designated shotcaller means people will start to realize, "hey, I'm up against teams that listens to their shotcaller. Maybe I should do the same if I wanna climb?" The shotcaller system works as follows:_ Before every game, when you select your roles, you can also tick a box that says "I am comfortable calling the shots". The ? next to it reads: "Tick this box if you want to be the designated shotcaller for your team. The shotcaller is the leader of the group, and is comfortable making decisions and being the lead communicator."_ In champion select, _the shotcaller will get a badge around their summoner icon_, showing they are the leader. They can pass the torch to others if they want to, but it's just like any other role in champion select, they don't have to switch. When they get it, they are the shotcaller. When you get into champion select, anyone who ticked the box can become shotcaller. However, not everyone has an equal chance of being the shotcaller. _You can't become the shotcaller if: You have a chat restriction, or have another recent infringement on your account._ Basically, if you want to be a leader, keep your nose clean. The longer you go without being punished, the higher your chance of being the shotcaller. The button will be disabled with a message stating why when you hover over it, if you are prevented from being the shotcaller. The shotcaller isn't just designated though, _they also get their entirely new shotcalling pings to help them make it absolutely clear what the objective is._ **The pings are as follows: ** 1 - Push top 2 - Push mid 3 - Push bot 4 - Take dragon 5 - Take Herald/Baron (the ping changes when Baron spawns) 6 - Defend top 7 - Defend mid 8 - Defend bot 9 - Run away! 10 - Ward here These options will be attached to a wheel (like smart pings) and by default be located in the H hotkey spot. When you press H and select the ping, it will be transferred to your mouse. Click wherever or on whoever you want to ping on. If the shotcaller pings on a friendly champion, the text will read "Player X, push top" for instance. It's a very simple system, and unlike normal smart pings, everyone knows it's the shotcaller making those pings. Now to deal with the obvious question: **What if the shotcaller is bad? Should we still listen to them?** Short answer: No, no you shouldn't. The shotcaller isn't a person you _have_ to listen to. It's a person you _should_ listen to if you want to win. The shotcaller is simply designated as such because they claim to be comfortable in that role. Obviously, even a dumb chicken is better than a headless one, so it's your call. Actively avoiding helping out your team is obviously still a report-able offense though. So you should give the shotcaller the same amount of respect as any other role. If your jungler says "I can't do drake, no smite" for instance, that's a call your jungler can make, despite what the shotcaller says. However, the shotcaller _is_ still a designated role, **and people must communicate their concerns if they are to overrule the shotcaller's decisions. **
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