Everyone is always complaining!

Hi Guys, I would just to ask why everyone always complains about a champ being nerfed, or as the new term is, "Gutted". Take Veigar for instance: People have complained that farming his Q is near impossible on 2 minions.. How do you line up your lanes and minions when you farm? Have any of you (the ones that complain) ever tried changing the way they play? It's always this champ is now dead or that champ is now dead, until the pro's play it a different way and then, everyone, is once again saying "that sh1t is OP". To all the changes that have happened so far. I and many of my friends and people we play against have adjusted very well to the new changes of the champs and NERFS. My point being, when a champ gets changed it is for a good reason. Why not try and change your play style instead of just wanting to facebreak everything. The real reason why everyone complains, is that when they like a champ, because of the easy way of playing it, they want to moan about it on the forums because they do not want to try and learn the champ a different way. (like changing ways of farming, ways of engaging on an enemy etc.) Anyway im out. Feel free to leave your comments below. :)

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