Let us share in our glory as the premiere role on this game. I am new to League but I have to say that Jungle simply feels superior to lanes. We are rewarded for trolling, camping and especially cheese. If only we had a badge for simply being a jungle, it is clear that all other positions envy us due to the metric-ton of flaming we receive. The best feeling is when top and bottom are both begging for a gank and we tell them to wait till we get our buffs, there is nothing they can do about it other than gaze upon our awesomeness. **Who is your favorite champion for Jungle?** - Notice, I did not say "favorite Jungle champion". We can jungle with anyone, cause we rock! **What makes you a smug jungler?** - For me, its the way that laners look upon us with wonder and awe **What lane do you choose if you HAVE to?** - For me its support and {{champion:432}}. He is basically like playing Jungle, also {{champion:427}} . **How is the new meta treating you?** - For me it doesn't matter, our role is so important that the whole game will work around us. **How do you handle flamers?** - I smile at them from atop my lofty jungle kingdom, every "enemy missing" spam delays gank by 1 minute :3 I love being a jungle. Why do YOU like to be a jungle? Remember to be as smug as possible, laners love it when we are smug{{champion:24}} {{summoner:11}}
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