why LOL kids game?

tonight come my team 12 and 13 year old childs? play ranked for feeding? yesterday i see 7 year old child mid laner? oke riot now i am doing cancer for players , 1win normal playing 1 game feeding or trolling this really funny for me this game rank system cancer , i m silver3 to gold5 climbing 16win 4lose , gold5 nice elo only 4-5 ranked game lose for trolls feeders and start elo hell full game coming teemo top feeders support trollers etc , now i have elo hell and always come my team peoples cancer losers , now i m "cancerous player" full troll feeding , feeders trolls never punishing i know my last ranked game solo top ryze play 0-6-2 and leave game , maybe i win this game.... %%%%ing elo feeding and leaving game only no punishing ... now I M TROLL FEEDERS COME AND PUNISHING ME RITO
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